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The Only Winter Coat You’ll Ever Need

best winter coat

I can’t say I’m too pleased about it- but the cold weather has arrived in New England. I’m sure we’re getting close to the first snowfall. This coat is the only reason I always look forward to the cold. It’s the best winter coat! And it’s the only coat you’ll ever need for winter.
I’ve always loved a good statement coat and I’ve wanted one for as long as I could remember. When I was living in Boston, I would always see these chic women in their amazing coats walking down Newbury street. I was dying to be one of them! But alas, the perfect coat was always

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Style Tips What I'm Wearing

What to Wear for a Casual Thanksgiving Dinner

casual holiday outfit ideas

Anyone else find that it’s crazy difficult to not buy a new outfit for every event during the holidays? Well I’m with you. I’m on a strict budget this holiday season and that means no room for new outfits for Mia. As a plaid-o-holic this whole no shopping thing is particularly hard for me because all the plaids are just so good this year. 
But the good news is that I made this outfit out of things I already own! (and you can too!)
So my goal with this was to do a super cute Thanksgiving outfit. But of course I had nothing Thanksgiving-y. Typical. However it is the holiday season so I went full on Christmas plaid. You can easily swap out the accessories and make this look a little more Thanksgiving friendly. 

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Gift Guides

Holiday Gift Guide for the Hostess

hostess gift under 50

‘Tis the season for giving! Hostess gifts are a cute little way to say thanks to someone for letting you in their house. Most of the time the hostess (or host!) is a person thats going out of their way to make you feel comfortable, so it’s only far to give them a little something to make them feel special. Part of me thinks that the idea of giving hostess gifts is not as popular as it once was, at least where I am. But regardless it’s still a super cute gesture to show you care.

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Style Tips What I'm Wearing

Rocksbox Tassel Earrings and a Cozy Blanket Scarf

rocksbox earring review

In this months box I sent feedback to my Rocksbox stylist stating that I’ve been wearing a lot of neutral and lighter tones this fall. I was sure to mention that I was really loving the pink trend and was in need of a good statement earring to wear with a camel colored turtleneck. She picked this beautiful tassel earring and I could not be more obsessed! It was honestly like she read my mind. I was also super impressed with how they packaged these babies to ship. Each little tassel had a little plastic tube around it to protect it and keep them neat and tidy. Not only did it make my tassels arrive perfectly, but it signaled to me that

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Style Tips What I'm Wearing

Bean Boots and Easy Fall Layers

classic fall style

For me, there is honestly nothing like grabbing a shirt and then putting another shirt on top of it. Or, in easier terms, I love layering! I have this weird thing with re-wearing outfits. A look either needs to be really comfy and cozy or really cute for me to wear it again. Layering helps me to keep mixing and matching my wardrobe and (hopefully) keep my mind off of buying tons and tons of new stuff. 
Everything I’m wearing here is a key part of my layering wardrobe. They can easily be worn together or apart and they are all neutral enough to wear with multiple different looks.

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Hauls and Shopping Trips Sale Alert Skincare and Makeup

What I’m Loving at the Sephora VIB Sale

sephora sale must haves

I think it’s fair to say that the Sephora VIB sale is one of my favorite sales of the year. It comes around twice yearly and I look forward to it each time. Being obsessed with skincare and makeup is an expensive habit. So this sale really helps to take the pressure off of my wallet!
This time around the sale is running November 3-6th for VIB Rouge and November 10-15th for BOTH VIB Rouge and VIB customers.

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