mia goes shopping

Hello, friends!


Welcome to Mia Goes Shopping, my personal little Internet space where I share my favorite style finds and beauty products with a sprinkle of fun DIY projects. I set out to create Mia Goes Shopping to share everyday fashion inspiration that’s easy to recreate with pieces you (probably) already have in your closet. I like to keep it budget friendly and realistic for those of you (like me!) that can’t afford to go out and buy something trendy and new each week.

I hope you stay a while find inspiration and enjoyment in reading about my favorite things!

When I’m not behind the computer you can find me hanging out with my boyfriend and our wonderful rescue pup, Molly.


Dying to know more? Here are 5 (super random) fun facts about me!



1 || My mom taught me how to sew when I was just 7 years old. She is a master seamstress and has made everything from wedding dresses to gymnastics costumes. I’m not nearly as talented as she is, but I have made a few dresses for myself before.



2 || I’m terrified of spiders! I actually have a no toothbush holder rule because I once found a terrifying spider living in the one I had… it’s a long story, but getting it out of my apartment involved rubber gloves, hairspray, about 15 different sized ziplock bags and easily took over and hour.



3 || I have a major sweet tooth and I don’t discriminate against any dessert. I really love a good grocery store bakery marble cake!



4 || I’ve never broken a bone! But in the 6th grade I did fracture my nose after running into a (bright yellow) pole on the playground.


5 || I’ve been cutting my own hair for years! It started when I moved to Boston and couldn’t afford to go to the salon. Now I keep doing it because it’s easy and I don’t have to leave my apartment! Luckily my hair is long and wavy so it’s hard to tell when it super uneven and I mess it up.


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