about me


I decided to start this blog because I love all things fashion! I grew up helping my mom in her sewing studio and wearing cute little custom clothes that she made just for me. I loved taking pieces and adding my own style elements to them. As I grew up I was always on the hunt for classic pieces that no one else had. My love of fashion and shopping continued as I got older- and it turned into a not-so-cheap hobby of mine.

I’ve dreamed about starting my own blog for a long time. I’ve started a few different times, gave up multiple times and ultimately took the time to discover what I really wanted to say in my blog. What makes my blog different from the rest of the fashion blogs out there today? Honestly I’m still trying to figure that out. But I am a self proclaimed shopaholic and I constantly find myself struggling to re-wear pieces currently in my closet. I always feel like I need something new- even when I don’t. And now that I’m on a tight budget I’m struggling more than ever!

So here on Mia Goes Shopping you can expect to find my budget information, monthly wish lists, budget friendly finds and some posts on how I’m learning to re-wear my closet. Follow along on my shopping journey as I hunt down everything from clothing to skincare, home décor to accessories.

Thank you so much for visiting! It means so much to me that you took the time to check out my blog!