Bedroom on a Budget: Master Bedroom Inspiration

bedroom on a budget

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bedroom on a budget


If you read my previous post about what’s to come on Mia Goes Shopping you’ve heard how excited I am for this bedroom on a budget series. I have always been a big fan of home decor and really just decorating in general (Christmas is my jam!). I tend to be that person that always wants to change up pillows and pictures to keep a room evolving with the seasons. Needless to say this means I’m almost always on the hunt for good home decor deals and trying out a new DIY project!


My Home Decor Background


When Sean and I moved in together (way back in 2014!) we had very limited furniture. Like- very limited. Everything we had was from my small Ikea furnished studio apartment in Boston. We didn’t even have a sofa! One of Sean’s friends actually gave us their old one because our budget was so tight that we couldn’t even go out and purchase one.


Anyway. My apartment in Boston was very modern and basically looked just like the Ikea showroom floor. The apartment we moved into in Portland (Maine) was a typical country cottage complete with thick wood trim around each window and a tiny off white kitchen. So basically nothing I had matched at all. And it made me a little crazy.


As time went on we got to a point where we could afford to do a little shopping. We ditched the second hand couch and completely re-did the living room. My decorating style isn’t too specific (I like to change it to reflect the area and environment that I’m in) but I went with a navy and tan color pallet. Now shortly after finishing that project I moved on to the bedroom. I threw out our old black dresser and bed and splurged on a beautiful new duvet set from Pottery Barn and an amazing navy headboard.  And then we had to leave it all behind when we moved to Texas. I was heartbroken.


When we moved back to New England we had no bedroom furniture. I kept the headboard and duvet but everything else ended up being donated.


So now you’re thinking “Okay Mia. So you still have a headboard and a beautiful bedding set. So why they heck are you redoing the entire room?” Well, we decided to upgrade our full-size Ikea special bed to a luxury king size bed (that was a giant investment and not at all budget friendly. But that’s another story). So it’s new bedding time!


Now I am once again on a tight budget. And I’m going to try to redecorate this entire room for under $1,000. Bedroom on a budget here I come!


Naturally I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. I had an idea of the color pallet I wanted to use (gray and navy. surprise, surprise) but needed bedding help. I love mixing prints and textures with my linens and I knew I wanted to add some stripes to the mix, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to set things up. I love turning to Pinterest and home decor blogs for help, but I am so sick of clicking on links to find a pillow case for $500. Is no one else on a budget?! I love you home decor blogs, but no thank you.


But honestly Pinterest is seriously the best place to for inspiration. It’s so much easier to find a dupe for something if you know what you’re looking for! I have a whole Pinterest board with all the master bedroom looks that I love (click this link to see it). After I got a good idea of what I wanted I set out to make a virtual mood board of decor, prints and things that I loved and wanted to incorporate into my new room. Love my inspiration graphic below? Use the Pinterest button to add it to your inspiration board on Pinterest!


I thought it was important for the first post in my bedroom on a budget series to showcase the look I was going for. I’ve already started buying some new bedding and I’m so excited to share it with you in my next post! Spoiler alert- I found an amazing dupe for the duvet cover in the graphic below. Because this is just my inspiration post the items that I’ve been looking at are a mix of high and low price points. Want to shop items that I have pictured? Use the widget below!


bedroom on a budget




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