My Top 3 Products to Help Dry Winter Skin

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the best products for dry winter skin

Anyone else out there struggling with this crazy cold weather? Yup. Me too. Today we had a high of 0º with a windchill of -13º and I am frozen!

I hate a lot of things about the cold weather, but I absolutely I can’t stand the way it makes my skin feel. You know when you walk outside and the wind smacks you and all of a sudden your face is burning and you can feel it getting tighter? That feeling. It’s seriously the worst. But now with it below freezing I find myself getting dry skin from head to toe.

Living in New England for the majority of my life I have figured out a few things that have seriously helped me stay well moisturized. You know those little bumps you get on your skin when you start to get super dry? I hate those and I’ll do anything to make them go away. I’ve been a little relaxed with my moisturizing routine since we moved back from Texas, so a few weeks ago I went out and repurchased all my holy grail winter skin favorites. And conveniently they are all from the same brand!

Now would be a good time to point out that this post is not sponsored by Soap & Glory and that I personally purchased all the products mentioned and use them all the time! 

the best products for dry winter skin

I have a whole shower routine worked out with these products. First off I exfoliate my skin biweekly (or sometimes weekly) with the Breakfast Scrub. I absolutely can’t get enough of this stuff! I can’t even count how many times I’ve repurchased it over the years. (Now I know we’re focusing on winter skin here but I also love using this in the summer to make me super soft and ready for short season.) It’s the easiest thing to use. Just grab some and get scrubbing all over your body wherever you need it. I like to use it as a spot treatment too to exfoliate those extra dry areas, like my elbows and the back of my arms.

Now let’s get down to the important stuff- this scrub smells like heaven. Food heaven to be exact. The scrub has this wonderful breakfast-y maple smell that reminds me of pancakes. It smells so amazing that it’s almost like you could eat it! But you can’t (and if you have any babies or puppies running around that like to get into trouble you should probably keep this out of reach). After I used the scrub for the first time Sean came home and accused me of making and eating breakfast without him because our apartment smelled like pancakes. It’s that good and that realistic! No artificial smells here! So yes,  I basically want to fill up a tub and completely bathe in this stuff 24/7. I wish my whole apartment smelled like this stuff. It’s the best.

Now on days when I’m not doing breakfast scrub I use the Sugar Crush body wash. This body wash is super moisturizing and smells so energizing. It has this wonderful citrus smell that almost reminds me of a tropical vacation. Which is just what I need with this cold weather! But one of my favorite perks about this body wash is how long it lasts me. I’ve had this bottle for over a month now and I’m not even halfway done. Maybe I don’t use as much as the average person (one pump on a loofah and I’m good to go) but I’d prefer to think that it last so long because it’s such an amazing value.

After showering and towel drying I follow up with the body buttercream. This has been my holy grail lotion for so long and I don’t know how I ever managed not having it in my life. It has a wonderful vanilla smell that I just can’t get enough of! (Surprise! If you haven’t guessed I like food smells.) But the best part about this lotion is the consistency. This isn’t your runny oily lotion that almost disappears on your skin. This stuff is thick and requires a little work to rub into your skin. In my opinion this is exactly why this lotion is so amazing on winter skin. The thick and whipped formula makes it so the lotion slowly works its way into your skin and really moisturizes and helps to keep you soft.

I don’t really find this smell sticking with me all day, but it’s such a neutral sent that even if it did I wouldn’t mind one bit. I will say that if I put it on before bed I wake up still being able to smell it, which is amazing because it smells amazing.

Here at Mia Goes Shopping we like to keep it budget friendly so I want to do my best to help you find a deal on my holy grail winter skincare staples. After Soap & Glory left Sephora I started picking up my favorites at my local Ulta. They frequently have them on sale (usually a BOGO deal) so I loved being able to save a few dollars on my favorites! Now I no longer have an Ulta location close to me so I’ve been getting my Soap & Glory fix at my local Target. If you use the Target Cartwheel app, be sure to look for a coupon before you purchase! (I’ve found coupons for up to 20% off!) You can also find Soap & Glory products at your local Walgreens.

Both Ulta and Target have these products on SALE right now! In the widget below I’ve linked to both stores for easy shopping- you can decide for yourself who has the better deal! 

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the best products for dry winter skin

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