The Bra Sized Swim You Need To Try

So every year that time rolls around where I need to bite the bullet and start looking for new swimsuits. I know I’m not alone in hating this process- the hunt, the sizing, the trying on, the returning… it’s just awful! This year quickly became one of the toughest yet when I realized that Victoria’s Secret has stopped carrying a swim line.

Through all my years of hunting down the perfect swimsuit I’ve always found it easiest to buy the ones that come sized like a bra. I have a full chest (32DD to be exact) and I always have issues with the S/M/L sized suits. The small is too small, large is too large and the medium just doesn’t work either. In my younger years I’d just buy the medium and hope for no wardrobe malfunctions. But who really has time for that anymore? I want to be covered.

bra sized swimwear

This year I purchased 3 different tops from 3 different retailers in hopes to find my perfect fit. Before we get into this you should know that I’m very picky when it comes to swim. I like the underwire but hate when my bikini looks like a bra and panty set. And I don’t like anything too skimpy. Turns out that finding something like this is much easier said than done. I’m still on the hunt for that perfect look and fit- but here are the ones I tried so far:

bra sized swimwear
J.Crew || Shop here

Okay so I lied earlier. I bought this top last year BUT it’s still available so that almost counts right? I bought this top on a whim last year before I was headed on vacation. I didn’t have a suit that fit and needed something fast and cute. It’s not secret that J.Crew sometimes has sizing issues when it comes to their swim line, but I took a chance and ordered this knowing that if it didn’t work I wouldn’t have a bikini top to bring on my trip.

THE PROS: The stripes are super mega adorable! I’m always a sucker for a good navy stripe and this one takes the cake! I purchased this in my true size (32DD) and the cups fit great. The adjustable straps are great. But the greatest part is that it is lined, has an underwire but doesn’t have a ton of padding. Because lets be real- I don’t need any more padding.

THE CONS: The back is a little loose. I wish I could get it a little tighter for that more secure fit. Now keep in mind that I’ve had this baby for a year- but sadly one of the wires has decided to come out. This is probably because I decided not to hand wash it as suggested. So my bad there….


bra sized swimwear

Aerie || Shop here

I picked this one up last week after seeing it on mega sale. I’ve always heard such good things about Aerie swim and decided to give it a try. Honestly I wish they had more options in their bra-sized swim collection, but I picked the cutest one I saw and hoped for the best! I also ordered this one in my usual bra size.

THE PROS: This is probably the best fitting one of the 3 that I bought. The cups and the band both fit great! It doesn’t have a ton of padding and the underwire is comfortable.

THE CONS: The style looked awful on me, just awful! I was rockin’ that “old lady boob” look that, at 26,  I don’t typically have. I also wasn’t a big fan of the print detail. It looked like it should have been a pretty embroidered stitch, but it was just printed on. But the biggest con? The halter strap was so thick, stiff and all around uncomfortable. I couldn’t take it.


bra sized swimwear

Shade and Shore- Target || Shop here

After getting some strappy tan lines I decided that I needed to find a good strapless top option. I had just got a swim sale email from Target and knew that they shipped pretty fast. So I took a chance and headed to the website and found this baby!

THE PROS: The color is great! I love the little gathered detail in the center and the band is nice and tight so it doesn’t fall down at all. And I love the strappy little back detail!

THE CONS: Not really a con, but I probably should’ve gone up a size fore a more comfortable fit. I ordered this in a 32DD just like the others and the cups are a little small. It’d be nice to have a bit more coverage up top so I don’t feel like I’m at risk for falling out.

NOTE: After I wrote this I saw that the J.Crew top is no longer offered in DD sizes… They still have a cute DD selection that’s worth checking out!

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