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  • plaid christmas pajamas

    The Best Plaid Pajamas You Need for Christmas

    I loooove me some Christmas pajamas! There is something that is just so festive about waking up on Christmas morning and opening gifts in your comfy new PJs! But what do…

  • beauty gifts under 100

    Holiday Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover

    I might be alone in this- but I loving buying makeup and beauty gifts! I feel like if you stick to the basics it's really hard to give a beauty gift…

  • holiday gift ideas for guys

    Holiday Gift Guide for the Guys

    I have a love hate relationship with buying gifts for guys. On one hand- I love finding quirky little gifts and fun things that he would never think to get for himself. And…

  • gift ideas for mom

    Gift Guide for Mom

    I just want to start off by saying that I love shopping for my mom. Like honestly really really love it. I wish I had a million dollar to spend on her each…

  • gifts dog lover

    Holiday Gift Guide for the Dog Lover

    Confession. I LOVE making these gift guides. They give me a great excuse to sit online and "window shop" for things that I'd love to have. My goal with these guides…

  • preppy holiday gift ideas

    My Ultimate Holiday Wish List

    Confession: I really love making my Christmas list every year. Like, I really love it. For so long I’ve spent so much time providing my family with exact color and sizing…