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The Easiest Way to Get Your Apartment Holiday Ready

easy apartment christmas decor

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easy apartment christmas decor diy


Ladies and gentleman, I bring to you the easiest ever Christmas decor DIY. And not only is it mega easy (and budget friendly!) but it’s also super apartment friendly. Now, I love a good DIY. And this DIY is the easiest of DIYs. No Pinterest fails here! If you can cut paper- you can do this!

All you need is:

some picture frames (mine are from Ikea)


a pencil

and paper (or fabric!)

See?! Easy peasy!

I started by painting my picture frames. You obviously don’t have to do this, but all I had kicking around was black frames and I wanted white. So rather than shelling out the money for some new ones I did a little painting. I grabbed some basic acrylic craft paint at AC Moore and went to town.

PRO TIP: In my personal and unprofessional opinion spray paint is the best and easiest way to cover a picture frame. Just lightly sand down your frame and go! However spray paint does not work when it’s cold outside. I didn’t realize this. It wasn’t snowing, so I figured “hey- why not?!”. Well the paint came out all splotchy and terrible. So I opted for the acrylic. It covered pretty well, but you can see little lines and texture. But I’m not going to be picky here. Just don’t forget to sand, people! 

easy apartment christmas decor diy

Now here comes the fun part- picking out your paper! For this you can use virtually anything. Wrapping paper, fabric or scrapbooking paper are all perfectly acceptable for this project. I took a trip to Hobby Lobby and found tons of scrapbooking paper that worked with my Christmas decor. My tree is a modern  rustic mix of red plaids and pinecones so I went for prints more on the traditional side.

Now here is the best budget friendly part. ALL of my paper was under $1! AND they were on sale at the time for 40% off so I got a super deal on them. Talk about perfect! How cute is that plaid though? I’m obsessed!

The next part of this DIY is simple. Cut the paper to fit your frame. I used the frame backing as a guide and traced around it to ensure it would fit perfectly. Then just cut on the lines and put it in your frame!

Next comes the fun part. The decorating part. My favorite! I had this vision of these great prints on the wall with last years DIY’d wreath in between. So I laid out where I wanted each print to go before I started hanging. I’ve been loving these command picture hanging strips to attach things to my walls. They are like little sticky velcro magic that make your frame stick perfectly in place. No moving or tilting when you slam your door or if your crazy neighbors do something, well, crazy.

easy apartment christmas decor diy

easy apartment christmas decor diy

Now I’m going to close this post with a bit of a cliffhanger. Today is officially moving day for me! I haven’t been able to decorate for Christmas yet and I can’t wait to get my new apartment all Christmas ready. As soon as I get them hung up and beautiful I’ll edit this post with completed pictures! And don’t worry- I’ll also be posting updates on Twitter and my instastories.

And if you’ve tried this out, let me know in the comments below!

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