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Wristology Watches Review and Roundup

I’ve been obsessed with watches for years now. Way back when I started working retail I purchases a dainty gold stack of bracelets from Aldo and dreamed about how good they would look anchored to my wrist with a pretty gold watch. I saved my pennies and purchased my first watch- a beautiful gold Kate Spade.

Ever since I’ve always wanted to add more and more watches to my collection. I wanted different colors, fashion pieces and some good backups to have when I forget to get those pesky watch batteries changed. I stumbled on Wristology Watches through Instagram and have been hooked ever since! I now have three watches from them and wear them in rotation basically every day- so I found it fitting to write a post on one of my favorite accessories!


So the first watch I purchased from them was this chunky gold and pink boyfriend style watch. It looked similar to a high end piece that I had my eye on, but for less than half the price! I had to have it! I have SUPER tiny wrists and had to get it sized to fit (my local jeweler did it for $10) but it was sooo worth it! I wore this every day for months and months and it has held up so well over the years!

I was so impressed with the first piece that I had to get another! When they launched this neutral polka dot watch I jumped on it. I was a little nervous to order this one at first because I was afraid it wouldn’t fit. To my surprise it did! I have to use the last hole, but it still looks wonderful on and fits like a dream! The strap is so comfortable for all day wear. Shortly after moving to Texas I felt the urge to get another watch. I found this perfect navy and gold watch when browsing their website and couldn’t say ‘no’! I just can’t seem to say no to a good navy and gold combo. This has been my go-to watch for months now and it matches everything that I own perfectly! It sold out quickly after I purchased it, but thankfully its back in stock now for you to shop!

Now I know ordering from a new place can be a little scary at first (I am the QUEEN of overthinking everything is a scam) but their shipping is so fast and their packaging is super cute! I get tons of compliments on each and every watch I have from them and I always recommend them to everyone that asks! And the best part?! They are so budget friendly!

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