Wristology Watches Review and Roundup

I love a good classic accessory. Watches are such a great way to spice up an outfit. They can elevate a classic look or add a pop of unexpected color to a neutral outfit (I LOVE wearing my pink faced watch with an all white outfit).

I stumbled on Wristology Watches through Instagram and have been hooked ever since! I now have three watches from them and wear them in rotation basically every day- so I found it fitting to write a post on one of my favorite accessories!


So the first watch I purchased from them was this chunky gold and pink boyfriend style watch. It looked similar to a high end piece that I had my eye on, but for less than half the price! I had to have it! I have SUPER tiny wrists and had to get it sized to fit (my local jeweler did it for $10) but it was sooo worth it! I wore this every day for months and months and it has held up so well over the years!

I was so impressed with the first piece that I had to get another! When they launched this neutral polka dot watch I jumped on it. I was a little nervous to order this one at first because I was afraid it wouldn’t fit. To my surprise it did! I have to use the last hole, but it still looks wonderful on and fits like a dream! The strap is so comfortable for all day wear. Shortly after moving to Texas I felt the urge to get another watch. I found this perfect navy and gold watch when browsing their website and couldn’t say ‘no’! I just can’t seem to say no to a good navy and gold combo. This has been my go-to watch for months now and it matches everything that I own perfectly! It sold out quickly after I purchased it, but thankfully its back in stock now for you to shop!

Now I know ordering from a new place can be a little scary at first (I am the QUEEN of overthinking everything is a scam) but their shipping is so fast and their packaging is super cute! I get tons of compliments on each and every watch I have from them and I always recommend them to everyone that asks! And the best part?! They are so budget friendly!

So I think it’s safe to say that these watches are 100% worth it!

I love the great selection of colors and styles and they are such an affordable way to add something new to your existing wardrobe! And can we talk about their new amazing make-your-own-watch feature?! It’s a great way to personalize and get exactly what you want.

I do, however think that this is one of the budget-friendly finds that you shouldn’t hope to have forever. Although the quality is great, two of my watches have developed tiny scratched on the face (you know, from that retail life) and my chunky boyfriend watch is now starting to look a little tarnished. Not unwearable, but just a little worn around the edges. But at their amazing price point you can afford to wear-and-replace after 4ish years.

What is your budget friendly go-to?! Let me know in the comments below! And head over to shop the large watch selection from Wristology Watches here

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