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gift ideas for mom

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gift ideas for mom

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I just want to start off by saying that I love shopping for my mom. Like honestly really really love it. I wish I had a million dollar to spend on her each time a holiday rolled around. It helps that she’s so easy to shop for and in true mom fashion she always loves everything I buy. Sweater? Loves it. DIY spaghetti art? Also loves it. But naturally when I decided to make this gift guide I had to get mom approval on everything. So consider this the official gift guide full of gift ideas for mom, from mom.

First on the list is my favorite sweater blazer. I have so much fun buying my mom clothes so I always try to work something wearable into her gift. She wears scrubs to work so her casual-wear wardrobe is a little lacking and I do what I can to help with that. The sweater blazer is amazing and a super flattering fit on everyone- so it’s a gifting win!

Now lets move on to the food and housewares portion of the guide. I snuck these champagne gummies in because my mom loves wine. I had no luck finding wine candy- so champagne it is! Besides, there is just something so holiday about champagne! It’s a cute little addition to sneak into a stocking. But while we’re on the topic of wine- did you know you can gift a wine subscription from Williams Sonoma? I didn’t know how to add that two the guide but I’ll link it here for you. My mom said it would be the best gift ever!

In other news. I always love giving my mom fun cake and cookie mixes. The thought behind this is simple. She’ll cook it, and I’ll get to eat it! Now I am totally capable of making my own desserts but for some reason food made by a mom is always so much better. And she can make cake in this adorable apron! I actually might buy one of these for myself too- so we can be matching.


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