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Holiday Gift Guide for the Dog Lover

gifts dog lover

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gifts dog lover

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Confession. I LOVE making these gift guides. They give me a great excuse to sit online and “window shop” for things that I’d love to have. My goal with these guides is to bring different idea to the table to help make your holiday shopping that much easier.

And with that I bring you a holiday gift guide for the dog lover!

I’ve come to the conclusion that we all know a person that would be considered a dog lover. You know, that person that’s constantly sending you dog memes on Instagram and Twitter. Or that person that brings up their dog in conversation at least 50 times a day. You know one, I know one and frankly- I am one! I am a crazy dog lady.

So here I sit searching the web for gift ideas for dog lovers

I honestly would love to have each and every one of the things mentioned on this list. Even the dog tie. I’m not sure what I would do with a dog tie, but there are dogs with sweaters on it. Dogs with sweaters!! If you caught my hostess gift guide you already know about my love for coffee table books. Well, these two books are filled with pictures of dogs. So naturally I need them.

Do you think I’m crazy yet?

Now lets move on to those cute little wearable dog things. I am, for one, a big fan of getting and giving socks for Christmas. Who doesn’t love socks? These have dogs on them and are well under $10! Talk about a gifting win! I am also equally obsessed with this tee. I haven’t jumped on the “dog mom” t-shirt bandwagon yet, but I will take this one. A french bulldog doing yoga?! You can’t get any cuter than that. And those pajama pants? The cutest things to lounge around the house in after a long holiday feast.

But my favorite thing on this whole list is the dog magnet. It’s under $10 and would make the most hilarious gift. I saw it and instantly cracked right up laughing. Someone please buy this for me.


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