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Instagram Roundup: June Hits and Misses

Instagram Roundup June 2017

How crazy is it the JUNE is almost over?! Where is this summer going? I can’t keep up! I went a little crazy with the shopping these past two months and here I sit struggling to remember what I purchased. But you know it was a good month when you basically depleted your shopping budget for 2 months… So get ready my friends, this is going to be a long one!

What I Purchased: Old Navy

Fresh off the disappointing purchases from Gap last month I went to Old Navy and did a little damage. The great thing is that everything they have seems to always be on mega sale and super budget friendly. Plus I’ve been finding the CUTEST things there lately! Let’s just go ahead and rename this “The Summer of Old Navy”, shall we?

The first thing I scooped up there was this cute little striped tank. I was looking for something else to wear for the 4th and you know I just can’t resist a good navy stripe. I had initially ordered a small in it but was sent a medium and didn’t notice. But the good news is it fits great! Then I grabbed this striped (seeing a theme here?) OTS top. I’ve been looking at this for a while and I thought the red stripe would be so cute with my blue gingham skirt for the holiday weekend. Well it turns out it’s way more orange than red, but I still love the fit! It’s the first OTS top that I’ve found that you could actually wear on your shoulders and not look silly. And then I found this beauty. The cutest little palm print tunic. I’m all about the palm and tropical fruit prints right now. Maybe it’s because I’m now in the South, or maybe I’m just jumping on the bandwagon. But either way I just had to have it and it fits like a dream! I LOVE it!

Instagram- June 2017

Instagram- June 2017Instagram- June 2017

(Shop Palm Print || Striped Tank || OTS Stripe Top)

What I Purchased: J.Crew and J.Crew Factory

And now lets move on. J.Crew and J.Crew Factory are two of my favorite places to shop and this summer is no exception. They are KILLING it! I’ve been looking for a great pair of embroidered chino shorts for the summer but was struggling to find some in a 4″ inseam. In steps these cherry printed beauties. They have the perfect 4″ inseam and they are just so comfy and well made! And did I mention that they fit perfectly in that red, white and blue 4th of July theme?! I love them. Then I hit the jackpot. J.Crew made my favorite ever deck striped tee in a short sleeve version. I seriously cannot even explain how obsessed I am with the deck striped tees from J.Crew. I have 6 (maybe 7?) of them in all different colors and they are perfectly oversized and made out of a beautiful thicker cotton making them way more durable. If you get a chance to grab one- DO IT! Naturally I had to have the short sleeve version. I will say it’s more of a tank than a short sleeve tee, but I’m still obsessed and wear it at least once a week!

With the exception of the cherry shorts mentioned above basically all my shorts are from J.Crew Factory. I just love the assortment of colors they have for their chino shorts! Last month the 4″ chino shorts were a hit for me so when I saw this pretty green color  (warm emerald) on sale I knew I had to have them! Like I mentioned in the May Hits and Misses post I’ve been buying all my shorts in a size 4 now and this pair was no exception. And, of course, the fit was great! I also snagged this pretty eyelet top. Totally an impulse purchase- but I couldn’t resist the eyelet and the fun tassels! It’s not lined- but with a nude bra (and high waisted bottoms) that’s no problem for me. I bought this on in a size 4 as well and it has NO stretch at all. Which I kind of expected, but hey- worth mentioning! It fits nicely, but I typically like my tops a little bigger and could have easily gone with a 6.

Instagram- June 2017Instagram- June 2017Instagram- June 2017

(Shop Cherry Shorts || Stripe SS Tee || Green Shorts || Eyelet Top)

And now that I’ve spent pretty my whole budget for July- here’s to the new month with no new clothes and me struggling to re-wear everything in my closet. Anyone else out there have a full closet but still mange to feel like they never have anything to wear? Because that’s me.

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