IT’S HERE! The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

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Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Shopping Tips

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I love starting the new year off with a good sale, don’t you?!

And the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is always one of my favorites! Being on a tight budget means that Lilly items are typically out of reach for me. So every time this sale comes along I jump at the opportunity to grab some bright and colorful pieces at affordable prices. And let me tell you- the prices are usually so good.

This time around the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale will last from January 3-4th at 8am EST with an in-store preview day on January 2nd

This past August was my first time shopping the sale since I launched Mia Goes Shopping and it was so much fun to share my picks with you easily in one place! I decided to get a little more organized this time and made a special Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Favorites area in the “Shop with Me” tab. It’s obviously blank now, but I’ll update it once I get out of the virtual line on the 3rd. Want to skip this post? Head over to my favorites area by clicking here.

I’ve rounded up my top tips for shopping the After Party Sale before, but here are my quick tips if you’re new to shopping the sale:

ONE || Sign into your account the day before the sale – The website typically goes down the evening before the sale starts, so sign in during the day to make sure you’re all set and ready to go in the morning. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t kick you out.

TWO || Update your payment information – How terrible would it be to have your pretty pink package shipped to the wrong address?! Or worse- you end up having to spend extra time at checkout to put in your credit card information and the dress you wanted sold out. After you’ve signed in to your account (a day early!) do a quick check to make sure everything is current. Just like the last sale, I’ll be shopping right after a move. So I actually just went on and updated my shipping, billing and card info before posting this.

THREE || Plan a budget – The sale is the easiest to shop if you know what you’re looking for or have an idea of what you want. Each time I shop the sale I try to keep my purchases under $100 total and I browse the site the night before for styles/prints/accessories that I love. I go into the sale with a purpose and only buy things that are on my list. Of course, there are times that I buy extras. But I try my best to stick to the list.

This time around I don’t need or want much, but I’ll consider anything that pops up in my favorite prints.

FOUR || Know your sizes – This one is always hard for me because I never buy full priced Lilly or purchase anything in store so that I can try it on. Through the years I’ve figured out that I’m typically a small in all the tops and knit dresses, but can go up to a medium if I need extra room.

Although I didn’t see it during the last sale, I LOVE using the True Fit tool that is integrated with the Lilly website. When I signed on to my account today I noticed that it was there again recommending sizes for me (yay!) but it was based on sizes that I have previously purchased.

Lilly pulitzer after party sale

Or, if you want to do it the old fashioned way, take your measurements the night before and compare them with the Lilly size chart. Between sizes? Always go with the size of the biggest measurement. If it ends up being too big in other places you can easily have it altered. It’s always easier to take something in than to let it out! (My mommy taught me that)

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Happy Shopping! 

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