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I’ve been itching to do a life update for a while now. And now that I’m officially back in Maine I felt it time to update my blog accordingly with a little (okay-giant) “Maine Life Update” post. Not because I really have anything exciting happening in my life. And not because I think that everyone out there really cares about anything thats going on in my life. But because I love the idea of writing more of a stream of consciousness post that reads more like a personal diary.

I actually really enjoy reading life updates from other bloggers. I guess I’m just nosey like that though. I’m totally guilty of being that person to always creep on the wedding pictures of a friend of a friend. I just can’t help it! (and I also love weddings- so theres that too). But lets get down to it here.

A Little Background

The month of August has been HUGE for me and my little family- but I’ll get into that in a little bit. I haven’t talked about it much on here, but we moved down to the Houston, Texas area over Thanksgiving weekend of last year. Sean had the amazing opportunity to take a job down there and we really weren’t in the position to pass it up. From the moment he was told about it to the date we needed to be there was almost exactly two weeks- so I quit my job and we packed up and left. It was extremely nerve racking moving halfway across the country and into an apartment we’ve never seen before. But the good news is that we were able to stay together and I would absolutely do it over again.

At that point it was just the two of us. But luckily Texas turned out to be super dog friendly and we were able to get a dog like we had talked about for years. I’ve always been a crazy dog lady so being able to do that was a dream come true for me! We adopted the greatest little pup, Molly, from a shelter in Pasadena, Texas after spending months and months looking around. She is the light of my life and our “first born” and I’ll for sure be posting more about her adoption story later this month.

Moving Home to Maine

So what was supposed to be a five month stay turned into nine- and we finally got word that we would be able to head back to Maine in August. At that point it had got so hot in Texas that this Mainer couldn’t take it anymore. As much as we did love Texas, we were both itching to get home and be able to experience Fall and a cool coastal breeze again. We planned a moving date of August 12th and I quickly started packing everything up.

Okay so I’m not going to sugar coat this at all- the packing process was mega stressful. I ended up bringing way more of my wardrobe than I should have (including all my flannels and J.Crew excursion vests… and I didn’t wear them at all). We basically just packed everything we had into the Jeep and went for it. At the time I was planning to write a packing post but in the end the packing process just turned into me cursing like a sailor and throwing stuff in the dumpster in a fit of rage that nothing fit the way I wanted it to.

At this point I can’t think of a more appropriate time to bring up Hurricane Harvey. It hit the area where we were living about a week after we arrived back in Maine. While I am feel extremely blessed and thankful that we decided to move back on the date we did, I am extremely heartbroken for all of our friends, former neighbors and everyone we met that had to deal with such a horrific storm. 

The shelter that we adopted Molly from is consistently full of dogs and cats and, like many of the animal shelters in the area, they are expected to be completely full post storm. Below is the link to an Amazon Wish List that they set up looking for donations of food and supplies to help feed the displaced animals in the area. I’ve also included the wish list of a shelter in Houston, as well as the donation link to the SPCA. No pressure of course. But if you find yourself wanting to help a little and don’t know what to do- here are some more options for you! 

 Pasadena Animal Shelter Wish List || Houston Humane Society Wish List || Houston SPCA

Maine Life

Okay so now that we’re back we are essentially homeless. I know I probably not the appropriate way to word it since we do have places to say, but we don’t have a home base. We bounce around between our parents houses depending on the day/week. Not having a home base is honestly pretty awful. I can honestly say that at close to 26 I never thought I would be moving back in with my parents.

In order to remedy this we have been taking steps to start building what I affectionally like to call “the dream house”. We have been talking about doing this for so long and it feels so good to finally be taking the steps toward settling down and starting a family. I have the entire place planned out and designed and I am beyond excited to start decorating! Keep in mind that we haven’t even broken ground yet so I am getting WAY ahead of myself. But I can’t help it! I’m so excited!


Okay so first of all- if you’ve made it this far in my mega post we should probably be best friends. Second- I feel the need to mention Instagram in this. Why? Because I’m obsessed. With the big move and then the moving all around I’ve been horrible at posting my daily #ootds. Granted, they’ve been pretty boring since half of my wardrobe is still packed away but I have been working so hard to build up my Instagram that it’s a giant let down to know that I wasn’t able to keep up. This post was originally planned to be my August Instagram Round-up but how do you round up just 10 posts?!

The Future of Mia Goes Shopping

So now that I’m back in my home state I really want to get back to blogging consistently. I’ve never been that great with this in the past, but fall is my absolute favorite season for fashion so what better time to get back on track?! I’ve spent Labor Day Weekend refining and unpacking my fall wardrobe and I can’t wait to share all my favorite fall picks with all of you! And I’m equally excited to take pictures picking apples and playing in the leaves

I’m also getting resettled and reacquainted with my hometown and want to put together some quick guides with some must visit places and businesses in my area.

AND if the “dream house” goes as planned you can expect to see lots and lots of decor posts! Home planning and decorating is by far one of my favorite things in the world and I want to make a series of fun posts about home DIYs, room planning and my favorite tips and tricks!

And as always, if you want to see something special please feel free to reach out to me! I love getting emails and chatting with you guys! And if you’ve made through this entire novel of a post- leave a comment or let me know on Instagram (and I promise I’ll be better about logging on!)

This post contains affiliate links (but obviously NOT donation links- I’m not an asshole). Questions? You can read more about my use of affiliate links here

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