Why I Love Rocksbox and Why You Will Too

rocksbox subscription review

Rocksbox is another one of the great subscription box services circling the web and social media right now. They send you three great pieces of jewelry that you rent and send back. If you’re like me, you read that and though “okay, that sounds cool. But also a little weird”. The idea of spending my hard earned money on things that I couldn’t even keep just turned me off. But then I tried it and quickly changed my mind. So here are all the details from my first set of jewelry and a review all about why I love Rocksbox (and you will too!).

Why I Love It

Like I said, when I first heard about this service I was like “ehh, I don’t know”. I tend to get really attached to pieces and things that I love and the idea of having to send everything back honestly made me sad. That partnered with the “what if I hate everything they send?!” though made me super nervous to try out this new subscription service.

But then I started thinking- how often do I actually wear the jewelry that I already own? Over the years I’ve collected tons of great pieces at various price points and I love them all! But I don’t really wear a lot of it. When we were packing up to move to Texas I found myself giving away tons of great pieces that I only ended up wearing a few times because I didn’t have space for them. And, to be honest, I didn’t think I’d wear them anymore.

In steps Rocksbox. It’s essentially a try before you buy program that lets you test out great designer pieces for just $21 a month. If you’re in love with one or all of the pieces you have the option to purchase them. And if you do decide to purchase you get to apply your $21 subscription fee to the price of the piece! In my mind, that’s like buying something (that I probably would’ve already spent money on) and then I got to try to coordinating pieces as a special bonus.

Starting Your Subscription

Starting out with Rocksbox is super easy! Just create your account and enter your jewelry preferences. As someone that exclusively wears gold jewelry, I love that one of the questions they ask is based on your metal preference. That way you don’t end up with something that doesn’t coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe or style.

After you start your account you get to browse the jewelry selection and add pieces you love to your wish list. This helps to give your personal jewelry stylist the inside scoop on your style and what you love. It’s just another way that Rocksbox has made sure that you get something that you absolutely love in the mail each month! When I signed up I went a little crazy and added over 100 of my favorite pieces. But honestly I think the more you add the better off you are!

Next all you have to do is wait! And thankfully, you wont have to wait too long. After I signed up and started my wish list my first set shipped in under 24 hours and arrived at my door in just 3 days! YAY for fast shipping!

And now I have an added bonus for you guys if you decide to sign up! If you use the code MIAGOESSHOPPINGXOXO (now-September 26th) at checkout you’ll get your first month of Rocksbox for FREE! How amazing is that?! Essentially you’ll get to try it before you end up paying anything at all! But if you do love it as much as I do and end up staying on past that first month, it’s only $21 a month!

My First Box

rocksbox subscription review

rocksbox subscription review

Like I said I added over 100 things to my wish list when I signed up. I just saw all those pretty pieces and couldn’t resist! It ended up working in my favor because my amazing stylist picked all 3 of my pieces from my wish list! My first box had a pretty little set with a dainty necklace, drop earrings and a statement bracelet. And I love them all! I don’t think I would necessarily wear them together, but individually they perfectly match any style I could imagine.

Although they are absolutely beautiful the earring were probably my least favorite piece.  Don’t get me wrong- I was drawn to them enough to put them in my wish list, but they just didn’t fit as well as I would have liked into my casual wardrobe. I did end up wearing them and they looked beautiful! But they just aren’t something I’m dying to keep.

Next up is the bracelet. This is the perfect example of something that I would see in store and be like “OH! I have to have it!”. But then I’d wear it a few times and take some great pictures with it, but wouldn’t pick it up again. It’s so fun and such a great take on the statement bracelet without being too bulky or intense. So thank you, Rocksbox, for saving me from that great impulse buy!

And then there’s the necklace. And yes, I am head over heels in love with it! Who wouldn’t love this pretty striped piece?! It’s Kate Spade, a personal favorite brand of mine, and just so dainty and easy to match with everything! I still haven’t 100% decided if I’m going to purchase it, but I do feel like I need it. Out of all the pieces I got in this months box it’s by far my favorite!

Is It Worth It?

Why yes, yes it is worth it! I’m loving my Rocksbox subscription and getting a new set of jewelry each month. If you’re still not sure, here’s a couple other fun things to note about Rocksbox.

You can keep your set as long as you want. I think they’d frown upon you keeping in for years and years, but it’s no problem if you need it for a few extra days. You just wont get your new set until you ship out your old one.

They allow you to give feedback on each piece to your stylist. After this month, I let my stylist know that I needed more casual pieces.

You can add if you have any special occasions coming up. Holiday party? Fancy date? Wedding? Let your stylist know when it is (and what you’re planning on wearing!) and they’ll help you accessorize for your special event!

They have a pre-worn jewelry store FULL of lightly used pieces for sale! This is such a great way to get that designer piece that you love for a better price!

And don’t forget- my special code! Use code MIAGOESSHOPPINGXOXO to get your first month FREE! It’s such a great deal and a great introduction to this amazing Rocksbox subscription!

Yes, if you decided to sign up using my code I get a little something special. No pressure- I just wanted to extend this amazing deal with all of you! Hopefully you’ll love Rocksbox as much as I do!

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