May Shopping Haul: Hits and Misses

Part of the reason why I decided to create my blog was to help myself stay on track and on budget with my shopping. I give myself $150 each month and that’s ALL I have to buy new clothing. Looking at that number it seems like it would be plenty. Like, $150 for new clothes each month?! That’s awesome! But listen to me when I tell you- I am recovering from a BIG shopping problem. I cannot even begin to describe how much I used to spend shopping in a month. I was coming home with new things about every other day for the past 3 years. When I was packing up my closet to move to Texas, Sean took one look at all the boxes and bags and said “well I guess I know why you always tell me you’re broke”.

May shopping hits and misses

For the month of May I ended up doing most of my shopping later in the month. With Memorial Day coming up and July 4th I had already been planning lots and lots of patriotic looks to share here and on my Instagram page. Sadly a few of the pieces that I ordered (and was most excited about) were complete misses! But hey- I guess that just means I have a little more shopping to do!


This first piece was one that I had waiting for me in my shopping cart for over a month. I spotted it back in April and knew I needed it for Memorial Day but eventually ended up forgetting about it. Until I got the dreaded “something in your cart is almost sold out!” email. Those emails always get me!

Anyway- I’m always a big fan of J.Crew Factory when it comes to their summer collections. This dress is a nice thicker cotton material with a synched waist and adjustable straps. It’s a tad sheer in the light, so it’s totally a piece that requires nude undergarments. It’s also a pretty good length on me- hitting about 2 inches above my knee. Like most of the tops I wear, I ordered a small in this one.

Sadly lots of sizes in this beauty are sold out now, but it comes in another color and they typically update the color selection as the season goes on. Something to be on the lookout for!

jcrew factory stripe dress

(Picture via J.Crew Factory || Shop)

My second hit is more of a neutral piece than a true hit or miss. Ever since the weather started getting warmer here in Texas I’ve been on a mission to find great shorts. I usually hate wearing shorts but here I feel like I need them. I can’t always be in skirts and dresses. I picked up some of the J.Crew Factory 3″ chino shorts earlier in the season and loved them, but they just felt a little too short for me. I wanted a pair of red shorts for my upcoming #RedWhiteandBlue Friday posts so on a whim I picked up these brick red 4″ chino shorts. The longer inseam is SO much better for me!

I’ve had to go up a size in all of the J.Crew Factory shorts I’ve purchased this year. Like most people I hate the feeling that I no longer fit into the size I once did, but I’m trying my best to just blame in on my new leg and booty workout gains. I ended up ordering a 4 and they fit great!

jcrew factory chino shorts

(Picture via J.Crew Factory || Shop)

This next hit was another last second purchase. I doing some online shopping at Gap and wandered over to the Old Navy site to look at their selection of red, white and blue attire. I found this cute blue tie-dye tank and just couldn’t stop thinking about how good it would look with white jeans! I’m typically not a tie-dye person at all but this one was simple and a little understated and for the price I just couldn’t say no!

This fit on this is amazing. It’s swingy and the perfect amount of oversized. And the material- SO SOFT! It’s extremely comfortable and just all around amazing. I ordered a small in this and it fits perfectly.

old navy swing tank

(Picture via Old Navy || Shop)


Like I said above these pieces were the ones I was most excited about this month and they turned out to be a total fail. When I was browsing the Gap website I stumbled upon this adorable striped bell sleeve top! I couldn’t resist those big sleeves and immediately added it to my cart.

It came in and the first thing I noticed was the subtle string of metallic thread running down each stripe. I wasn’t expecting that and don’t remember reading about it in the description, but I let it go. It was still cute. And then I put it on. And while those sleeves looked beautiful online they looked terrible on me! It was just way too much volume for my figure. Having a full chest usually brings about some problems for me when trying to find the perfect bell sleeve tops and this one just didn’t work at all. Not even a little bit. The top I general was also a little sorter than I expected.

I ordered my typical size, small, in this and would be curious to see what a medium looks like on me. Overall- if you’re curvy I wouldn’t recommend this. But if you’re not and you’re fine with the little sparkle, then go for it!

gap bell sleeve top

(Picture via Gap || Shop)

The second miss was a tough pill to swallow. When I found this tee I was extremely excited. It looked just like all the Gap tees I had growing up! However it turns out it was not like all of those tees at all. The tops I remembered had an embroidered edging around the lettering and this one was just screen printed on. It lacked the richness that I remembered and it just didn’t cut it for me.

After reading the description on the website I decided to order a size up. I like my tees to be a little oversized and this one was listed as being more of a fitted style. The fit was good- the style was not.

gap american flag tee

(Picture via Gap || Shop)

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