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Scam? All About Ebates

Ebates Scam

When I first heard about this service I thought it was too good to be true. A website that pays you to buy things? Crazy! But how does it work?

I’m no expert- but basically Ebates is an affiliate for all these store that they promote by offering cash back. When you use the Ebates like to shop at a store, Ebates gets money and they give a percentage of that money back to you for spending. The cash back percentage varies by day and by store (some stores offer double cash back over a certain period of time), but in my experience it’s typically anywhere from 2-10% of your total purchase.

My favorite store to shop at using my handy dandy cash back is Sephora. When I order online from them it’s almost always a big purchase and Ebates typically offers an amazing cash back percentage that really makes it worth it. In fact, almost all the stores that I typically shop at are on Ebates! Even Shein, which I wish I would have known before I made my first purchase with them (you can read all about that here). Ebates is also great about keeping up with those pesky (but amazing) discount codes in check. When I use the Ebates button on my web browser it always tells me if there are other coupons available that I can use on my purchase.

Ebates gives you the option to get paid via Paypal or check. I don’t use Paypal, so I opt for the check option. It’s always great having that check in the mail! I have officially been an Ebates member for over a year now and so far I have received $250 in cash back! And yes, I took that $250 and bought more things with it. I always add my Ebates money to my shopping money to give myself a little something extra.

Now I am that person that is always skeptical of things like this so I do not take advantage of the in-store cash back program because it asked me to put in my debt/credit card number and that freaked me out. I’m sure it’s perfectly safe, but I don’t like taking chances (and if you have experience with this let me know in the comments!).

This post not sponsored by Ebates- I just love the service and wanted to share my experience! This post contains affiliate links. Questions? You can read more about them here

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