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Bean Boots and Easy Fall Layers

classic fall style

For me, there is honestly nothing like grabbing a shirt and then putting another shirt on top of it. Or, in easier terms, I love layering! I have this weird thing with re-wearing outfits. A look either needs to be really comfy and cozy or really cute for me to wear it again. Layering helps me to keep mixing and matching my wardrobe and (hopefully) keep my mind off of buying tons and tons of new stuff. 
Everything I’m wearing here is a key part of my layering wardrobe. They can easily be worn together or apart and they are all neutral enough to wear with multiple different looks.

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The Cutest Must Have Pullover for Fall

the cutest must have pullover for fall

Once upon a time I hated going to L.L.Bean every year before school. Each year my family would take the long trip to the Freeport store where my little sister and I would pick out new backpacks and lunch boxes for the school year, embroidered and personalized with our names. And although that sounds amazing to me now I absolutely hated it then. I just wanted the basic backpack from the department store like every other kid. I’d throw a fit and refuse to

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